Affinity Rejuvenate Brand and Identity

Affinity is one of the leading firms of independent Will writers in the United Kingdom with over 100 years collective experience specialising in Will drafting, Trusts, Estate Planning and Probate. We have a network of advisers nationwide and over 44,000 satisfied clients.

Affinity's original identity gave no sense of the scale or the scope of the company, so we set out to change that. Our solution has been to develop a brand new corporate identity and a set of implementation guide lines. In turn creating a company image that Affinity Legal Group can be proud of and a brand that stacks up well against the competition. Further more we developed a set of marketing communications that bring clarity and coherence to the group. Altogether Affinity Legal Group now looked like the major player that it is. The bold corporate image may look simple enough (most great brands are) but they are the result of hours of exhausting analysis by the One Exception team. However making it seem an effortless process to the client is all part of the process.

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