QAV Rejuvenated Brand

QAV Systems enables the power in technology advancements for media, entertainment, energy and security sectors. From the most basic setups for home and business entertainment systems through to the most advance security systems. The workforce is trained to the highest industry calibre. The technology requires constant training upgrades to ensure its engineers are kept updated on all the latest equipment technologies. QAV are particularly mindful that clients place a trust in its services and its workforce.

QAV needed a re-brand that was robust enough to reflect the partner company, the highly successful AVC Communications. The brand was rolled out throughout the QAV locations in Essex , Hartlepool  and Dundee. One exception was responsible for all the initial concepts and the resulting logo. Then the introduction of a brand style that could be utilised for commercial and private markets. There was a necessity for the brand to ooze vibrancy but not niche the market as so to give QAV the extent to carry its skill level throughout the varying industries it is involved in.

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