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Search Engine Optimisation is fast becoming the primary focus of any strategic marketing campaign. Appearing on the front page of as many search engines as possible, generates huge opportunities and revenue for any business online.

SEO is about getting the basics right and putting systems in place that contribute to your websites value to users. One Exception will build your website so that every aspect of it will be as search engine friendly as possible and during your training we will provide you with valuable SEO information. Below we list 6 pointers that affect your search engine position, but these are just the tip of the iceberg!

6 things that get your website placed higher within organic search engine results

  1. Remember, Search Engines are a business. They need to deliver what their customers are looking for. The whole purpose of a search engine is to help people in finding what it is they are looking for. You need to put yourself in the position of the person carrying out the search – your potential client. Then, put yourself in the position of the search engine - how is it going to match up that enquiry with the right type of website?

  3. The Search Engine Spiders need to find you – your website must be accessible. The construction of your website is crucial, Search Engine spider have likes & dislikes.

    DISLIKE: Flash and Frames as they limit the access to their spiders whose job it is to look at your website and record the content.

    LIKE: Site maps, where the spider can quickly access all areas of the site you want it to see, and content specific page titles - this isn't the title that you read on the web page but the title describing the page contents that the spider reads and which appears within your browser window.

    There are many things that will help the way the search engine views your website, if you choose One Exception for your web development we will take you through this in more detail.

  4. Search engines work on computer logic. Think about how they search and make your content rich in the keywords that are likely to be searched. Content rich – meaning you have lots of content relevant to the search term. (This is where you need to be thinking like your client, what is it they want, how will they search for it? Bear in mind that different groups may search on different terms for the same thing!) There are techniques which can be used to make your website content rich and which hit some of the other points below. Things such as case studies, news items, press releases, reports and reviews, all of which will enable copy to be written in a way which is content rich for the search engine and relevant to your prospect. For example if someone searches on the phrase 'web developer Essex' then the search engine (among other things) looks up how many times that phrase appears within the content of every website it has visited - the website with the most entries will score higher than the website with fewer entries which will score higher than any site with no mention of 'web developer Essex'.

  6. Regularly change content – search engines want to ensure that their client gets the correct & up to date information. Search engines can’t tell if the information is up to date but they can see how frequently it changes. In fact the more frequently you change/add to your content the more frequently the search engines visit and rank your website. Unfortunately the opposite is also true. For example, if you put your website up and leave it without changing it, then the search engine will visit it, log the content and go away. When it returns, perhaps two weeks later the content is checked and logged if it sees no changes it will take longer to return for its next visit, the cycle repeats, until the search engine rarely visits your website. However, if the spider returns after two weeks, recording content changes, then it will reduce the time it waits until its next visit - so changing or adding to your content encourages the search engine back to your website more frequently. Following on from the 'web developer Essex' search given as an example earlier, if your website has the phrase 'web developer Essex' and another site has exactly the same word count on the phrase but the site content hasn't been changed recently, then your website would score higher.

  8. Making your website appear more popular, using relevant inward bound web links. Relevant inward bound links are external links to your website. Again the more inward bound links, the more up to date and useful your information is (otherwise why would all these ‘external people’ be linking to your website?). But the search engines are clever, they don't put any value to links from sites that are unrelated to the key topics of your website - hence the term 'relevant'. Again the opposite is true for outward bound links, so make sure that they add real value to your site.
    Relevant inward bound links can be:
    • From other websites

    • Web based directories & adverts (i.e. Free & paid for listings)

    • Chat forums/discussion boards – as long as its relevant or you will be blacklisted

    • Blogs

    • Pay per click campaigns (also help to raise your websites profile with search engines

    Our recommended number is 40 inward bound links which takes quite a lot of maintenance, as it is more likely that you will get links through chat forums, blogs and discussion boards (which are constantly changing) than other websites.

  10. The more visits to your website the higher it is regarded by the search engines The more people you get using your website then higher ranking it will achieve. So think about how you can get your clients to regularly visit your website. Think strategically about all of your marketing ensuring that your website is fully integrated with your overall marketing strategy. Things you can do to drive traffic to your website:
    • Direct mail and/or e-mailshots, send out newsletters, providing a reason for recipients to visit your website. This could be an offer, free report, special promotion or other benefit.

    • Make an area of your website dedicated to adding value to your existing customers. This could be order tracking, order placement, data sheets or installation instructions. (You may find this provides other benefits such as reduced overheads or provides you with an added unique perceived benefit over your competitor).

There are many other things that the search engines consider when ranking your site and different search engines look for different things, so something that works on one engine may not on another. Google, for instance, looks at how long you have your domain registered, Spam sites typically register their names for 1 year so the longer you have ‘advanced purchased’ your name the better your search results will be on Google