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Every day millions of companies use emails to do business.  A well organized, and planned email newsletter campaign will give you tremendous results.


One of the most important advantages of email marketing is that it allows you to reach a global audience with no geographical boundary.  Although it is still possible to reach the global audience with other offline advertising channels like radio, TV and printed media, email marketing is by far the cheapest. 

Unfortunately, the abundance of spam, that inundates internet users each day, has caused many to formulate a negative opinion about email marketing.  Emails containing subject lines or content which appear to be similar to spam may be transferred to a spam email folder by the email system or Emails may be deleted by the recipient simply because they do not recognize the sender of the email.  Both of these problems can result in essentially wasted time for the business owner because the recipients are not even viewing the emails advertising the products and services offered by the business. 

There are however, solutions to these problems.

Firstly you, as a business owner, should consider an email distribution list. This would consist of former customers who have expressed a desire to receive emails with information updates and advertisements as well as potential customers who have expressed interest in more information.

Secondly the employment of a company who can assist you with high quality, eye-catching graphics for your newsletter, along with insightful and accurate copy, which will be useful to the recipient, enticing your reader to find out more about your product or service.

The content of the email has to be carefully considered, you certainly want to highlight the products and services you offer, but should do so without appearing to be a hard sales pitch. Care must be taken to ensure that all emails sent to your target audience, are designed specifically to appeal to these potential customers.

Finally your email should provide your customers with a call to action, a statement urging the reader to take a specific action such as making a purchase or researching a product.

Through combining email marketing with other direct media, for example, direct mail, mobile messaging or web personalization, campaign response can be increased as the message is reinforced.